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Leading Better Together—I believe we can accomplish anything and everything we want in life if we share what we know with each other.

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“I try to use my teammate’s names as much as possible because it get’s their attention more quickly and I think it makes them feel more connected.”

Brooke, soccer, Missouri

“I have a calendar on my iPad that I use to schedule my practices, strength workouts, and speed/agility exercises. After each one, I rate my effort from 1 – 3, where 1 is low, 2 is medium and 3 is high. I try to have mostly 2s and 3s.”

Sam, lacrosse, Massachusetts

“I do a drill called ‘My Bad’ where I have my teammates throw me bad passes on purpose and I have to adjust to them, catch, and shoot. That way, when I get into a game and a pass isn’t great, it doesn’t mess me up.”

Monique, basketball, Mississippi

“I have a calendar on my wall, and I put a red X in the day’s box if I do something to get better. I try not to break the the chain. So far, my record is 63 days of red X’s.”

Maddie, volleyball, Utah

“I take note of my major training milestones so I can add them to my training bank. When I begin to doubt whether I can accomplish a new milestone, I return to my training bank as a reference.”

“When competing I find it fun to play cycling tag with other competitors. When I pass them on course I tell them “Tag you’re it” knowing they will tag me back. It makes the 56 mile ride more enjoyable for me and the other participants.”

Amy, cycling & triathlon, South Carolina

”I play pick-up games with college players in the summer so I’m getting used to playing against bigger, faster players as I get ready for my senior year and then playing in college myself.”

Vanessa, basketball, Maryland

“My team started a zero-hour workout group where we lift weights before school so we are getting stronger during the season when we are practicing after school every day.”

Sophie, softball, Florida


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