Holding the record for most 3-pointers made, 4-time NBA champ Steph Curry wields a smoothness in his game that makes him seem like a purely natural talent. Contrary to popular belief however, Curry’s mesmerizing abilities come not from an automatic shot- sinking gene but rather 3 key differentiators that set him apart from the rest of the hyper- athletic NBA.

1) His “delusional” attitude

When hearing a word commonly associated with being utterly crazy, many would assume that high-level athletes would never be characterized as such. However, where the elite athlete separates themself from the pack is in their confidence-infused attitude. At just 6’3”—considered tiny in a league where 6’6” is the average—only slightly recruited, playing college ball at a mid-major program, Steph’s odds of simply getting drafted into the NBA were extremely slim. If you were to go back in time and tell someone that he’d be named the 2022 NBA Finals MVP, they would certainly call you crazy. But that’s
exactly what’s driven Curry’s development through the years—a delusional attitude. If Steph Curry never believed he could accumulate the many accolades he has, he wouldn’t have worked as hard as he did to reach them. For those trying to become a high-level athlete, it starts with you. When you go out to practice or compete, having lofty goals and top-notch confidence will infuse your mind with positive thoughts and a belief that anything you put your mind to is possible, no matter what opinions anyone else throws out.

2) His quest for precision

At just 26, Steph Curry became ranked first in highest 3-point completion percentage among players who have attempted more than 200 3-point shots. In his training, Steph Curry has worked to maximize his potential by crafting the mathematically optimal shot. Statistically speaking, he takes about 0.3 seconds to release the ball—at least 0.1 seconds faster than the NBA’s other top shooters—and the ball enters the hoop at about a 45 degree angle from an average maximum height of 16.23 feet. His quick release beats defenses efficiently and the high launch angle makes the rim appear bigger when the ball is falling, resulting in a vastly greater number of makes. By prioritizing your technique and attention to detail in practice, productive habits like Steph’s will be built, and in turn, you’ll naturally execute clutch plays on gameday.

3) His ever-evolving practice

With All-Americans and NCAA championship winners waiting in the wings for their chance to pass up the greats, Steph has had to continually up his game to stay at the top. One way Curry goes about this is challenging himself in practice through a technique called “overloading”, where he has to balance multiple tasks with added disruptions. This could include a coach tossing a tennis ball for the player to catch while they dribble a basketball around cones with flashing lights and crowd sounds heightening the environment’s tension. By working through difficult situations in practice, Steph has trained to make decisions on the fly in a manner that makes games seem simple in

Additionally, Curry has worked to become an inside threat on offense while he holds himself to his high standard of shooting beyond the arc. Steph makes incremental improvements to his game that have subsequently transformed him into a complete player. Teams that try and guard him on the 3-point line get blown past as he drives to the hoop, and those that sag off can only stand by and watch as he sinks yet another 3-pointer.

In order to become the best player you can be, work to shape all aspects of your game with equal focus on diminishing your weaknesses while capitalizing on your strengths and you’ll swish your way to success!


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