One of the reasons that Instagram has become a go to app is because

we love to see what other people are doing. In sports, this has become super helpful when it comes to learning about new strength exercises, yoga moves, skill drills, and other people’s approach.

I like to keep photos of teammates and pro athletes in my room and where I work out as a way to visualize future success. My teammates have been a huge source of motivation as I want to get better for them as much as myself. Having pictures of pro athletes gives me a constant reminder of what being the best looks like, and the work they put in to be the best in their sports.

Here are few ways to picture your way to being your best:

  • Keep an album of photos of your teammates on your phone to pull up each day to remember who you’re really playing for.
  • Keep an album of photos and videos of pro and Olympic athletes from your sport on your phone and review once a week to see what the best looks like in your sport and imagine what you need to do to get there.
  • Print photos of athletes who inspire you and post them around your room, and other places in your house such as the basement if that’s where you do some of your workouts.
  • Find a couple quotes from leaders you admire—coaches, players, teachers—and read them once in a while for motivation. You can find some on our web site to start.

There are a lot of great coaches and players we can look to for support. The key word is “look,” so find photos and videos of people that inspire you and “see” what your future can hold.


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